Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pages 14 and 15

visit from my BIL and sis
the "lost" page has been found!
Not feeling liking the last four pages, but wanting to scrapbook!
Girls, we need to get together, and SOON!


Amos said...

These are the BEST pages ever, especially since you finally FOUND it! hehe, I really like the pictures of the faces.

Amos said...

And look at your journaling go girl! I love all the neat papers you wrote on!

Somebody's Nobody said...

What's so bad about those Diva? I likkeeeee.

amazingbrenda said...

Way to go diva. Love those pages. Like the paper with the #'s on it.

Somebody's Nobody said...

Nice banner!!! I like the MM el papel. Mucho bonita! or is it bonito?