Thursday, March 6, 2008

Card crazy....

Just using scraps up. Tired of piles of scraps!
Something is wrong w/each of these cards..
This one, I tore the sticker...
This one is just plain....and kinda ugly!
I cut the top crooked....Amazing, where are you when I need you?
However, I do like this card!

I like this one also....I just need to hone my inking skills...

Too lazy to cut out a new butterfly!

At least w/all of these, I have plenty of family that I can send them to and they won't care about the "defects"....LOL

I did make so cute gifts though....when my g-friends receive them in the mail, I will post the pics.

Have a happy day.


Amos said...

Those are ALL beautiful, I don't think a one is ugly. Pick me, Pick me!

Somebody's Nobody said...

Holy cow. you need to rename your blog. I think it should be called "Card Diva". Or maybe "I love all the cards I make so much that I keep them all and never send them to my friends except that one time, oh wait two times Diva". I love them all. Seriously. I want them all. In my mailbox. On the corkboard I made for my scrappy space. Next to the one from Amos that says Prepare to be Amazed.

amazingbrenda said...

Lol, your funny. Ok ladies, I am the chosen one! Keep the cards send me the gift. haha!!